Puthiya Nambikkai


A step towards the new future

Puthiya Nambikkai (meaning ‘New Hope’ in Tamizh language) is a collaborative effort between Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry Police Department and Satya Special School, towards a) Prisoners Reformation and Rehabilitation and b) Awareness of Police Personnel in Puducherry (Central Prison, Kalapet, Puducherry), based on a deeper spiritual approach. 

This initiative aims to be sustainable, scalable and replicable, and aspires to be a model of excellence and training centre for other prisons in India, and would bring together the best practices from India and the world. The programme also includes the prison staff and the spouses and children of the prisoners.


A number of activities are undertaken by Sri Aurobindo Society to bring out the best side of the prisoners, a group of people ostracised by the society. Yoga has been found to have healing effects at a psychological level. Regular yoga and meditation programs are carried out and have evoked a very positive response by the inmates.

Programs are conducted to enable the inmates to be economically self-sufficient. This is intended to support their integration into society and making them self-reliant. As a part of this, training in handicrafts and mat weaving is organized.


Past Events