Rural Development

With an estimated 70% of her population living in villages, India can only advance if the village community is empowered. Thus the Society has adopted an integrated approach to the many aspects of community life, such as health, education, vocational training and economic growth in the country’s villages.


Sri Aurobindo Rural & Village Action & Movement (SARVAM)

Since about 700 million people in India’s villages live below the poverty line, there is a dire need and urgency to develop, uplift and enable them to become a dynamic part of the nation’s evolution and growth.

SARVAM is developing a progressive village community model that is sustainable, replicable and scalable. More information on SARVAM is available at

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SARVAM started its work with two villages in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. A dedicated and active group of people have been organized in each village to work with the rest of the community in every field of life.

SARVAM’s role is primarily that of a catalyst and facilitator, motivating and helping the community to contribute and take responsibility for creating change in their own lives.

The rural development programme aims to:

  • help the entire village become a model village
  • inspire the village community to take charge of their own destiny and future
  • make a genuine difference to their way of living, thinking and being
  • research new and creative ideas to develop a sustainable, scalable and replicable model
  • create an International Centre for Rural Development and Training based on a holistic approach, which will reach out to other villages, NGOs and government agencies

The programme covers a wide range of activities, integrating all aspects of life such as physical and economic development which uses local material and technology; empowerment of women and harmonious relationships within the family; cultural and aesthetic development; a new approach to housing, technology, water and waste management, renewable energy, sanitation and hygiene, suited to local conditions, and a new model of local governance.

Grama Pudhiya Udhayam (meaning ‘New Village Dawn’) is a monthly newspaper in Tamil, launched in February 2007. Printed in Tamil, the local language, the newspaper is managed almost entirely by the village youth, with minimal support from SARVAM. The rural people participate in growing measure in the production of the newspaper. Since much of the media -- TV, print, and radio comes from central or foreign sources, it is important to have media that are empowering, produced by the village about the village.


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