Media, Arts and Communication

our vision and work in mass media is to make this powerful gift of the modern age into a joyful instrument for bringing higher and deeper values in our lives and for social transformation.


AuroMedia, AuroFilms, AuroTV and SACAC

AuroFilms and AuroTV are film and audiovisual production and distribution houses, entering the field to prepare quality films and television programmes which are not only informative and enjoyable but also touch, uplift, inspire and transform people.

AuroMedia helps various communities use the power and reach of media for self-empowerment and to bring a change in the community from within itself.

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) is based in Delhi. It is a pioneering effort in imparting value-based quality education in film and TV production, creative photography, journalism and advertising. It seeks to provide the physical and psychological space where students can develop their creative potential and acquire the necessary professional skills along with higher and deeper values in their search for excellence. More information on SACAC is available at


SACAC offers full-time courses in arts and communication and short-term courses in various fields including creative writing, scriptwriting, video editing, still photography, puppetry, sketching, painting and film appreciation. It also organizes film festivals, symposiums and exhibitions.

AuroMedia is working with the village community in our SARVAM project by bringing together the various platforms of print, radio, television, Internet and media and discovering ways by which the entire community can use them for its own upliftment and transformation.

AuroTV and AuroFilms are working on various films and TV programmes which would reach out to people all over the world and provide enjoyment, information and inspiration to the whole family. This will include all types of films, programmes and presentations, including full-length features, docu-dramas, educational, children, environmental, social and cultural.

For a full list of Publications and Products on Media, Arts & Communication, please visit the SAS online store at AuroService.


The Sri Aurobindo Society aims to bring together all those who would like to work for the advent of a new world. Participate with us—come visit, volunteer, contribute, learn and grow in a way and in a field that interests you.


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