Sustainable Development

In recent times there is a growing awareness about Sustainable Development and it is playing an increasingly significant role in planning systems and industry all over the world. It is also raising some critical issues and fundamental questions which do not admit an easy answer. Too often the driving force of change is fear, which creates its own problems.


AuroSpace aims to combine functionality with culturally relevant and ecologically sensitive designs. Sharanam, a rural development training institute developed by Aurospace, is an architectural landmark and is acclaimed to be one of the most  green buildings in India.

Matrikunj is a 43-acre land on the outskirts of Puducherry, where Sri Aurobindo Society looks to go beyond 'organic' practices to a consciousness-based approach to farming. It is also a training institute, aiming to be a model farm and a laboratory for various conscious farming techniques.

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AuroSpace has designed the rural development centre called ‘Sharanam’, which is part of SARVAM, our integral rural development programme. The construction of the Centre is nearing its completion. You can read more about Sharanam in this report 'Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative' published by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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Matrikunj Farm – The Mother's Grove

Our mission is to explore, educate and inspire humanity to use natural agricultural practices for a conscious and more harmonious future. At Matrikunj, organic farming is elevated to another level where the process of farming is extended to be in harmony with the very purpose of our existence and life here on earth. It starts with acknowledging the fundamental principle behind our existence – consciousness. When we consider the whole of creation as a progressive manifestation of Divinity in forms, we overcome the false mental barriers of considering things as “living” and “non-living”. Just as we aspire for knowledge, love and light, plants too have a latent and silent aspiration to grow towards the sun, to express gratitude through their offerings of fruits and to spread beauty and fragrance through flowers. Plants too emote, feeling pain as much as love and affection, are sensitive to music and grow harmonically when dealt with tender care. 

Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved. 

We educate farmers at the grassroots level about natural farming practices, herbal medicines, seed preservation and how to develop a strong consciousness with the land. Rather than focusing on calculating the numbers of food production, we go deeper, cultivating the real joy of farming from within. We also serve as a support system for farmers or anyone interested in integral agriculture.

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The Sri Aurobindo Society welcomes your participation in a variety of ways - visit us, volunteer, contribute, become a member, learn and grow in a way and in a field that interests you.


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