Significant Dates


01 Jan

There is a collective meditation at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in the morning at 6 am along with music specially composed for this occasion.

20 Nov 1973

The Mother's body is laid to rest

17 Nov 1973

The Mother's Mahasamadhi day. The Mother leaves her body.

29 Feb 1956

Day of the Supramental Manifestation The Mother has the concrete experience of the descent of the Supramental Consciousness on Earth.

09 Dec 1950

Sri Aurobindo's body laid to rest

05 Dec 1950

Sri Aurobindo's Mahasamadhi day. Sri Aurobindo left his body.

02 Dec 1943

The Mother inaugurates the opening of a new school The Mother starts a school for 20 children and is also one of its first teachers. This school...

24 Apr 1920

The Mother's final arrival in Pondicherry The Mother returns to Pondicherry to settle permanently.

29 Mar 1914

The Mother’s First visit to Pondicherry. The Mother came to Pondicherry on March 29, 1914, and met Sri Aurobindo for the first time. After their...

04 Apr 1910

ANNIVERSARY OF SRI AUROBINDO'S ARRIVAL AT PONDICHERRY Sri Aurobindo came to Pondicherry on April 4, 1910, to pursue a spiritual goal – the goal...

21 Feb 1878

The Mother's birthday The Mother is born in Paris to a Turkish father and an Egyptian mother. She is named Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfassa. The...

15 Aug 1872

Sri Aurobindo's birthday Aurobindo Ghose is born in Calcutta.