About This Site

About This Site

Our web development team is happy to release the new website on the auspicious day of 24th April 2018. The older website has been recast and custom developed in a new platform. Most of the existing features and content have been retained and some new features added. Notable enhancements include -

  • Mobile friendly
  • Universal search option
  • Login functionality
  • Better integration with social media

We welcome you to the official online presence of the Sri Aurobindo Society! First launched in August 1998, the www.sriauorbindosociety.org.in is re-designed and accessible at www.aurosociety.org. In the past over 14 years, the website has made a huge impact in taking the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother forward, connecting devotees, seekers, volunteers, donors from world-over. 

We hope to continue the work of creating a new and more beautiful tomorrow!

The possibilities with the website are immense and this effort represents the first stage of re-development. We look forward to your valuable inputs and feedback to keep enhancing the website with rich and meaningful content.

We welcome you to share your thoughts by an email to [email protected].

Content & Photographs are copyright of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Sri Aurobindo Society.


 14 May 2018