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AuroMedia – launched on the auspicious day of 15th August 2023

“Beauty is the way in which the physical expresses the Divine— but the principle and law of Beauty is something inward and spiritual which expresses itself through the form.”
– Sri Aurobindo (23 August 1933)

As part of Sri Aurobindo Society’s media wing in Pondicherry, we at AudoMedia take up the entire responsibility of photography, video & audio recordings, graphic designing, filmmaking production of all our key verticals.

Our mission is to showcase the Society’s enormous work in fields of Indian Culture, Leadership & Management, Education, Rural Development, Recording major video & audio events apart from making available to you our aesthetic products and inspiring books. Our constant endeavour is to align with the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Our primary focus would be to bring to you the significant number of recordings of talks and interviews, films, conversations and photographs of sadhaks and disciples of the early days of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry and their practice of yoga and aspiration to divinity. For those on the path of Integral You, these we believe would be of tremendous help.

We will keep you updated with the projects we are engaged in be they videos of our major events apart from films and other audiovisuals.


Latest Releases


Audio Talks by Navajata ji

On the occasion of the Mother's Birthday on 21st February, we have launched a couple of audio talks by one of Her very close disciples, Keshav Dev Poddar whom the Mother blessed with a new name – Navajata, ‘The New Born’. He was the first General Secretary and Treasurer of the Sri Aurobindo Society under the Presidentship of the Mother.

On this Darshan day, dive deep into these revived audio talks on the Auromedia website.


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