Online Series‘From Twilight to Light: The Sunlit Path’: Talk6

Start Date:26-Jul-2020

End Date:26-Jul-2020

Location:Online Sessions


Full session recording is available here.

From Twilight to Light: The Sunlit Path, Talk6: ‘Harmony in Relationships’

AuroYouth has been conducting a series of talks to help youth discuss and discover issues prevalent in recent times. The first series titled “From Twilight to Light – The Sunlit Path” aims to help youth navigate through issues related to mental & emotional health. In the sixth talk of the series, we had Rahul Sharma, a volunteer at AuroYouth, interacting with about 50 youngsters on the topic “Harmony in Relationships” on July 26, 2020.

Rahul started the session with an activity asking all to think about the following 2 questions: 

1. How do we feel about the arrangement of items within a simple object, like our wallet?

2. Is everything in the right place? What if we move items here and there?

This activity signified that when we pay attention to things outside of us, they reflect how things are ordered inside us too. As we feel the importance to organize everything outside, it is equally important to order things inside us as well, which is the meaning of ‘Harmony’.

Next, Rahul asked everyone what they felt about their relationships with their parents, siblings and friends; hence, making everyone realize that relationships can exist in so many forms, and it is important to find harmony in each of these. The biggest way to find harmony is to find the right balance between each of them.

Moving on, he asked everyone to perform the natural breath activity, in order to feel in the present moment. Through this activity he emphasized on finding our inner self, our best friend. He also took up a very common question, what is the Divine? 

The session was accompanied by some beautiful quotes by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, which made the session even more harmonious. This discussion then led to throwing the table open for the questions that the participants had, and Rahul answered each question beautifully. 

Next in the series, AuroYouth is coming up with a session on ‘Relationship with the Divine’ by Shivakumar, this Sunday, August 2, 2020; all are invited!

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