Online Series ‘From Twilight to Light: The Sunlit Path’

Start Date:21-Jun-2020

End Date:05-Jul-2020



Part 1: Uncover the Blues

The full video-recording of the interaction is available on YouTube

In these transformational times, AuroYouth has started an interaction series with the Youth: From Twilight to Light – The Sunlit Path. The first of the series – Uncover the Blues was specifically chosen in the wake of prevailing discussions and confusion around Depression.

Shri Shivakumar, Director, AuroYouth, interacted with ~80 youngsters over Zoom and Facebook Live to establish a spiritual take on the frequently used term ‘Depression’. To keep the session relevant to capturing burning questions, the session was driven based on questions that were received from multiple young minds. The AuroYouth team of Palak, Rishi and Rahul moderated the event. 

The interaction began with a deep-dive into the realms of depression and the associated external symptoms. Usually, we have observed dipping or sagging levels of energies or emotional bottling up restricting happiness; or we stop being happy with the execution of tasks that once gave abundant joy. Moving forward from the identification of these symptoms to identifying the root itself to either prevent or eliminate it completely. Shivakumar highlighted the crucial aspect of not letting these negative emotions within us to block the very source of positive energy; but rather shifting our focus towards tasks that have historically facilitated an accelerated exit from our cycles of spiralling down.

The discovery of our inner being, a soul, an inner life, which is much larger in its potential, more plastic, more powerful than our surface mind, life or body, is the essential shift that we all must aspire to incorporate in our lives to break the wall between our surface being and subliminal self. The more connected we are to our inner life, we are further equipped to a unique capability of establishing a direct communication with the universal forces, movements, objects of the cosmos, a direct feeling and opening to them and widening of oneself beyond the limits of the personal mind.

This deeply insightful discussion facilitated widening of perspective and throwing the table open for deeper and alive questions that the participants had; ranging from equipping oneself to help another friend deal with depression, facing one’s fears, keeping up the motivation high and persevere.

The relevance and cruciality of the session is pretty well-reflected by the extension of the session by cent percent of the planned duration. Next in the series, AuroYouth is coming up with a Psychological take on Depression this Sunday, June 28, 2020; do stay tuned!