The Mother's Symbol

Symbol Of The Mother

The central circle represents the Divine Consciousness. The four petals represent the four powers of the Mother. The twelve petals represent the twelve powers of the Mother manifested for Her work. The central circle represents the Supreme Mother, the Mahashakti. The four central petals are the four aspects of the Mother—and the twelve petals, Her twelve attributes.

The 4 petals of the Mother’s symbol and the four pillars which support Matrimandir represent the four Aspects or Personalities of the Mother: 

Maheshwari (Wisdom), 

Mahalakshmi (Harmony),

Mahakali (Strength) and 

Mahasaraswati (Perfection).

The 12 petals of the Mother’s symbol represent the 12 Aspects : 

  1. Sincerity
  2. Humility
  3. Gratitude
  4. Perseverance
  5. Aspiration
  6. Receptivity
  7. Progress
  8. Courage
  9. Goodness
  10. Generosity
  11. Equality
  12. Peace


The Mother's Signature

‘The bird of Grace messenger from the Supreme’—The Mother

“This is a graphic representation of the signature. It means ‘The Bird of Peace Descending upon Earth”. It has its wings tilted towards the earth. It is coming down to the earth. You see the angle of its wings and how it is descending towards the earth? It is to bring Peace. It is the messenger of Peace. The Bird of Peace Descending upon Earth.The Bird of Peace Descending upon Earth. You see?...

Now I am going to explain to you how this bird corresponds to the signature. Look, first this, this is the tail of the bird. Here are the two points of the tail I am drawing. You have seen the tail of a bird, it is like this...