The Mother Sri Aurobindo

Quietly face the social difficulties with equality and cheerfulness; then you will know that my love and blessings are with you.

A beautiful tomorrow, a happier world, a dynamic application of spirituality to material life and all its activities, human unity in diversity. Sri Aurobindo Society is a global, not-for-profit NGO. Let us come together to create the Next Future!


"The essence of Equanimity is to remain calm and undisturbed by all unequal disturbances, dualities or reactions of our mind and heart within and also the shocks or events of the outer life like for example pleasure and pain, success and failure."

- Sri Aurobindo


Connect with Us

Sri Aurobindo Society is an association, a movement, an invitation and an opportunity to connect and then surpass oneself, to realize one’s unity with others and integration with the entire creation, to work for a happier world, to participate in the collaborative effort, and to create the Next Future. You are welcome to join us in this effort—Let us be the change! Let us make a difference! Come be a volunteer, member and a contributor in our work!