Sourcing Our Oneness

Start Date:15-Nov-2021

End Date:22-Nov-2021

Location:Van Nivas, Nainital

Institute:Sri Aurobindo Society

... unity is sweet substance of the heart ...
– from the play ERIC by Sri Aurobindo

With less COVID cases in India and the COVID regulations more relaxed, it is decided, on short-notice, to announce our fifth “Sourcing Our Oneness” gathering in Nainital. The dates are from Monday, 15th to Monday, 22nd November 2021, for devotees and sadhaks of Sri Aurobindo who genuinely want to get involved with the movement of oneness in all its forms, internal and external, coming together from all geographical areas to make this camp meaningful for The Mother’s children in her embrace.

As we are entering into the year of celebrating Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Anniversary and the 75th Anniversary of Free India, we can see today how India is present in the realization of each of the Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo: His words come to us clearly: “... Indeed, on this day I can watch almost all the world-movements which I hoped to see fulfilled in my lifetime, though then they looked like impracticable dreams, arriving at fruition or on their way to achievement. In all these movements free India may well play a large part and take a leading position.”

In this special time, we will spend a week together exploring the Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo to further deepen our understanding and our collaboration in whatever work we are all doing in different directions and ways.

We will be working with alignment through the 12 Qualities, the 12 Gardens of Matrimandir as Fields of Consciousness and bringing in The Mother’s work with Flowers, to further deepen our understanding.

The path we walk together during this week will be through interaction and sharing, silence and reading of Savitri, through working with the body, music and art as well as with nature-walks and treks in the beautiful Himalayan terrain in and around the picturesque Nainital.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram–Delhi Branch is, as always, generously offering the Van Nivas campus in Nainital for the gathering, including accommodation and meals.

There will be accommodation in double rooms and, if the group is larger, youth will stay in the dormitories. We request everyone to come with a sadhak’s attitude and accept the allotted accommodation with gratitude and as a blessing.

Donations are invited towards the organization and upkeep of Van Nivas.

Arrival at Van Nivas in Nainital on 15th November and departure on 22nd of November early morning via Madhuban (40 kms. from Nainital), after a quick lunch and refreshment.  

  • Participants must organize their own transport to Nainital.
  • For those joining from Puducherry and Auroville, collective traveling arrangements can be made; as we work on a short notice, contact us immediately for this.

If you would like to participate, contact us for Registration details, information and early group travel bookings:

on the way to Nainital and/or back from Nainital must book directly online at  

This invitation goes out to Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch, Sri Aurobindo Society, The Golden Chain Fraternity, World Union, Sri Aurobindo’s Action, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR), Auroville International and other organizations related to the work of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Here are a few links to a glimpse of the first programme held at Nainital in 2016:

Click here to see a video documentary (22 min).

for the Sourcing Our Oneness Team,

Dr Arati Sharma, Shivakumar, Priti, Sri Aurobindo Society