Towards Self Perfection

Start Date:20-Sep-2021

End Date:25-Sep-2021

Location:Online and on campus


AuroYajna continues its series “Towards Self Perfection” with the upcoming workshop on “Yoga for the Respiratory System”

The respiratory system is one of the most important parts of the body as it is interlinked with the whole body and supplies oxygen to each cell.

Through the practice of yoga, one can exhibit a powerful and profound effect on the respiratory system. With ‘Pranayama’ in yoga, oxygen intake can be increased up to more than five times.

Apart from breathing exercises, there are also "Asanas"  that support the respiratory system to work efficiently by expanding the lungs to give them space to breath, by stimulating the blood flow so that oxygen reaches until the tips of your toes.

Enroll for this  programme and get oxygen from top to toe.

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