Yoga Sopan - Intermediate to Advanced Level Asanas

Start Date:02-Aug-2021

End Date:31-Dec-2021



That is why all education of the body, if it is to be effective, must be rigorous and detailed, far-sighted and methodical. This will be translated into habits; the body is a being of habits. But these habits should be controlled and disciplined, while remaining flexible enough to adapt themselves to circumstances and to the needs of the growth and development of the being.

CWM 12: 12

An advanced Asana practice is not one where we have to push our limits and sweat through the practice while constantly stretching the body in each posture, more than the last one.

An advanced Asana practice is one where you find yourself stable in the posture as well as happy, all the while trying to move deeper; where you don't have to hold onto the last of your strength to complete a certain amount of time in the posture. Being an advanced practitioner means the aim of your practice should not just be limited to sweating or feeling tired afterwards. Although, sweat is the byproduct of an intense practice, the end of your practice should make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed, being able to find yourself improving your overall health, stamina, strength, flexibility and balance, both in the practice and in life.

These group classes will be focused on improving your existing Asana practice by paying attention to the anatomical and biomechanical aspects of each Asana that will be covered here, along with the mental and spiritual changes taking place in the body during the practice.

You will learn how to go deeper in your practice in a safe manner, find your edge and expand it to see yourself improve not just in the physical aspects of those Asanas, but the mental and spiritual aspects too.

All the sequences of the classes are carefully designed to be comfortable and easy to learn and understand for regular practitioners.

One can join through their phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Making sure they are completely visible to their camera while standing up as well as sitting down.

A yoga mat is preferred. However, in the absence of a yoga mat, any thick carpet would do as long as it doesn't hurt your joints or doesn't let you slip on the floor. A bolster, yoga bricks, belt etc. can be kept ready for extra support.

About the facilitator:

Ms. Shreya has been practicing yoga since she was 7 years old. She was mostly into advanced Asana practice from a young age and later on won medals for the country on international level when she was 17. Throughout her school life she has been actively participating in various sports as well, competing in nationals in them too; and was also learning Bharatnatyam from her teacher Yamini Krishnamurthy. 

Though her yoga journey started through competitions, several injuries due to different activities made her develop keen interest in the therapeutic benefits of the practice as well as other limbs of Yoga. She went on to complete her multiple Teacher Training courses from different schools and also completed her Masters in Yoga Therapy from SVYASA University, Bangalore. She has been teaching yoga since 5 years now and is still maintaining her practice with her Ashtanga Teacher – Mr. Ajay Tokas.

She has been a regular visitor to the Delhi Sri Aurobindo Ashram. She feels a kind of peace and belonging to the place. The fact that she is in complete agreement with what The Mother and Sri Aurobindo described as Integral yoga, made her interest in this school of thought develop further. She highly aspires to move forward in her Yoga journey in the light of Integral Yoga. 

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