The Hierarchy of Our Consciousness

Start Date:15-Mar-2021

End Date:19-Mar-2021



Inside us stands a hierarchy of consciousness. It ranges from inconscient to Superconscient levels. These planes are not discrete; they interlink and cross over one another so much that we cannot trace the origin of our movements. Because we do not know ourselves, we become prey to all kinds of forces from outside. We need to know ourselves better. 

With self-knowledge we achieve control over the planes of our being and live in greater balance and harmony. We align and our life follows a more divine and progressive stream. We solve the enigmas that hide in our world inside. During five sessions, Dr. Soumitra Basu will accompany you on this journey of self-knowledge. This workshop will clear many obstacles in your everyday life. Come and discover the hierarchy of your consciousness!

Beginning on 15 March this session will be on till 19 March, 2021 daily from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

The concepts covered in the session include:

The Physical Plane of Consciousnes
The Vital Plane of Consciousnes
The Mental Plane of Consciousnes
The Inconscience and Superconsciousness
The Structure of the being

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