Overcoming Loss & Grief

Start Date:22-Mar-2021

End Date:27-Mar-2021



All of us have grieved. Its all-consuming nature makes our life stand still. It comes as an automatic response to loss. Is it possible to reverse this response and replace grief with a loving acceptance? Integral Yoga holds all the answers. This workshop will look very deeply into the states of loss and grief because understanding is always the first step to solving. Grief like every movement can be transformed. Come to this programme and find out how.

Details of the Sessions

22nd March Dr. Alok Pandey: The Knot of Pain

23rd March Dr. Yogesh Mohan: Embracing Your Loss and Sublimating Your Grief

24th March Pulkit Sharma: Finding Meaning in Loss

25th March James Anderson: Offer and Transcend Your Grief

26th March Dr. Soumitra Basu: Bereavement: Psychological and Occult Ramifications

27th March Dr. Debabrata Sahani: Bypassing Grief

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