The Psychic Being Your Inner Master

Start Date:18-Jan-2021

End Date:27-Feb-2021



Living in the Psychic Being is a supreme objective of Integral Yoga. Not only does it offer the inexpressible fulfillment of living in the soul, but it also gives us the opportunity to master and completely change our nature. The Psychic Being presents immense dynamic implications as it embodies the perfect vehicle to integrate our entire being. Realising it is a long-term task. First we have to find it and then we aim to unite with it. This is the objective of all meaningful practice. It is our Inner Teacher our Divine Person This programme will begin with baby steps and ends in the culmination of the journey, where the complete identity with the Psychic Being is described. But how do we awaken it in the first place?

Each one of us will have a different path to the psychic, but there are common features which underlie the journey. If you have a deep longing to embrace your Truth and become master of all your being, this programme is definitely for you.

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