A Scientific Exploration of Integral Health

Start Date:03-Oct-2020

End Date:03-Oct-2020



Traditionally poles apart, Science and Spirituality are moving closer together!  The New Consciousness embraces Science. And Science now serves and supports the manifestation of the divine life on this earth. Increasingly, Sri Aurobindo’s vision is getting validated by the pioneers of the new Science. In this introductory and interactive session, Dr. Sangeeta Sahi will explain in a simple, dynamic and intelligible way the intricacies of quantum physics and how they magically dovetail inside this divine Plan. She will describe how light body activation is changing the entire structure of our cells. This is surely the Science of the Future and it provides an even greater wholeness to the vision of Integral Health. This online discussion will take place on 3rd October between 15.30 and 17.00 IST.

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