Ashtanga Yoga Sessions

Start Date:02-Nov-2020

End Date:30-Nov-2020

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry

Institute:Auro Yajna

Yoga for life – 'All Life is Yoga', says Sri Aurobindo. AuroYajna, our research and training institute for Integral Yoga is trying to explore and disseminate ways of applying different disciplines of Yoga for building balance, poise, and resilience for a fulfilling life. 

Our first two batches of Astanga Yoga were a complete success and there has been requests from many to have a similar session again.  Hence the third batch of Astanga Yoga begins on November 2, 2020.

The Ashtanga system of Yoga is one of the most precise, detailed, and comprehensive practices in the world of yoga. This is comprised of a Vinyasa system; wherein every single movement of the body corresponds precisely to a specific breath and method of counting, every single movement and breath is accounted for and needs to be attended to by the practitioner. 

The entire system of postures contains 4 series of Asanas that progress from the easier one to the difficult one.  It also addresses different parts of the physical being, nervous system, and psyche.  Each different series has over 50 postures, and every posture has a specific effect and opens the body in a precise way.

For oncampus sessions, we align ourselves with the government norms, hence very limited seats are available.

The oncampus sessions will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

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Mobile:  8870813888

‘Of all the domains of human consciousness, the physical is the one most completely governed by method, order, discipline, process.  The lack of plasticity and receptivity in matter has to be replaced by a detailed organisation that is both precise and comprehensive.  In this organisation, one must not forget the interdependence and interpenetration of all the domains of the being.  However, even a mental or vital impulse, to express itself physically, must submit to an exact process.  That is why all education of the body, if it is to be effective, must be rigorous and detailed, far-sighted and methodical.’

- The mother