Practising Life-Skills in Day-to-Day Living: A Consciousness Approach

Start Date:26-Dec-2019

End Date:29-Dec-2019

Location:SACAR, 39 Vanniar Street Vaithikuppam, Puducherry

Institute:SACAR and SAIIIHR

The “Living Within” Study camp for this year is jointly organised by SACAR and NAMAH from 26 to 29, Dec, 2019.

In this study camp, we shall aim to practise and perfect our life-skills through guidance, interaction, group work, discussion and all through a consciousness-based approach.  We will fine tune those skills that are so vital in refining and perfecting our day-to-day living.

Among the aims of this workshop are to help us lead a divine  life, to perfect ourselves in our everyday living, to change our negative patterns, to show us how to work in the right spirit and to become more conscious of our chakras etc.,

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