उन्मेष (UNMESH) – A Month-Long Study Programme on Indian Knowledge Systems and Cultural Heritage

Start Date:25-Jul-2019

End Date:25-Aug-2019

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry


From July 25 to August 25, 2019, Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC, a unit of Sri Aurobindo Society) is organizing a month-long study programme – उन्मेष (UNMESH): EXPLORE, EVOLVE, REALIZE – on Indian Knowledge Systems and Cultural Heritage. This workshop aims to initiate young non-resident Indian learners (aged between 13 and 18 years) in Indian culture and traditions.

SAFIC is organizing this programme in association with Agastya Gurukulam, Bothell, Washington, USA.


  1. To initiate the learners in a lifelong study of Indian knowledge systems, by providing them a strong orientation via a study of selected age-appropriate topics, especially in the following areas:
    1. Sanskrit
    2. Mathematics and Science
    3. Cultural and Civilizational Studies
  2. To facilitate a correct understanding of Indian history and encourage learners to explore the reasons why Indian civilization continues to not only survive but grow and prosper despite centuries of brutal attacks and invasions by the monotheistic forces.
  3. To help learners gain an inner view of the historical march of Indian culture and civilization from the Vedic times till present.
  4. To create greater awareness and appreciation of the greatness of Indian contributions, particularly in areas of language, mathematics, science, arts and architecture.
  5. To create an awareness about the current state of Indian culture, education and the politics behind it.
  6. To encourage learners in exploring some of the ‘Breaking India’ forces and cultivate the intellectual acumen to encounter them.


By the end of the programme, the participants would have gained the following:

  1. An experiential appreciation of some of the unique aspects of Indian culture – its spiritual essence, religio-spiritual character, arts and aesthetics, living forms and rhythms, social and cultural organization, etc.
  2. A deeper appreciation of some of the remarkable contributions of ancient Indians in various fields of human activity – science, mathematics, literature and language, arts, engineering, architecture, etc.
  3. A deeper appreciation of the way of life in a spiritual ashram as a result of having lived through the routine set along the general guidelines followed by the members of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
  4. A deeper appreciation of Sanskrit, the language of India’s soul, through especially designed Sanskrit courses.
  5. An experiential appreciation of some of the ancient Indian cultural heritage through visits to selected places of architectural, sculptural and religio-spiritual significance.
  6. An appreciation of the richness of Indian cultural and civilizational past, and a critical awareness and understanding of the challenges and issues of present-day India – both of which are a necessary foundation for rethinking the future direction of India’s civilizational future.
  7. An awareness of some of the pioneering efforts going on in the areas of ecological and sustainable living in selected regions of India.
  8. A lived experience and appreciation of what it means to aspire and work towards living a more conscious life and gradually becoming mindful of one’s inner growth journey.
  9. An analytical understanding of some of the key internal and external forces challenging the unity and integrity of India.
  10. An enhanced ability to articulate and express a personal view of the deeper meaning of Indian cultural identity.


The programme aims to provide the participants with a well-balanced integral learning experience, by incorporating learning opportunities that address all parts of the being – physical, vital-emotional, mental and psychic-spiritual.

In addition to classroom learning oppo rtunities, such as lectures, discussions, presentations and group-work, etc., the programme also involves several experiential learning opportunities. These include asana practice, mantra-chanting sessions, practicing traditional arts and crafts, visits to several places of interest, self-directed learning opportunities as well as service learning.


One Month: July 25–August 25, 2019


Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry


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