Innovative Pedagogical Interventions & Creative Teaching Aptitude – Teacher Education Camp

Start Date:02-Jul-2018

End Date:06-Jul-2018

Location:Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, and Ministry of Education, Puducherry


From July 2 to 6, 2018, Sri Aurobindo Society, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Puducherry, is conducting a week-long Teacher Education Camp for Master Resource Persons working with the Ministry of Education, Puducherry. 

This camp is an additional programme of Sri Aurobindo Society along with its ongoing Transformative Educational Initiatives of Rupantar. The Camp is based on ‘The System of Integral Education’ and designed as a Theatre Arts in Integral Education Programme.

Through a series of action-packed workshops, this camp lays a platform for participants to enhance their ability of using their aptitude and creative teaching skills to the fullest, and offers a conducive and rich environment for them to explore and learn contextual, pragmatic and engrossing pedagogical approaches to teaching so that they can facilitate the holistic growth of children and orient them towards finding their full inner potential.