Yogic Psychology & the Body

Start Date:03-Jun-2024

End Date:07-Jun-2024

Location:Online and on campus

Institute:AuroYajna, Puducherry

AuroYajna continues the series of workshops titled "Towards Self Perfection” started in July 2021 as their first step towards Divine Life in Divine Body.

This series is based on Sri Aurobindo's message - "Divine Life cannot manifest without the Divine Body".

 Part 1 of the series is "Perfection of the Body".

To have the body as a perfect instrument, every system of the body, viz. the digestive system, the neurological system, the cardiovascular system, and each body organ needs to be perfected and in harmony amongst themselves. 

This month, the Yogic psychology and its effects on the body in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga will be studied and practiced with the Yogasanas, pranayama & Yog Nidra.

It is true that modern psychology has probed the internal law of living matter and consciousness and arrived at results which are remarkable but limited and fundamentally inconclusive. We know from it that the movements of consciousness are affected and on a certain side determined by the functioning of the physical organs. But still the nature, origin and laws of consciousness remain unknown; all that has been proved is that the body provides for it an engine or instrumentation for its manifestation in living physical bodies and that certain lesions, alterations or deteriorations of the engine may lead to considerable or serious results in the functioning of the embodied consciousness. This was to be expected and can at once be conceded; but there is no proof that consciousness is a function of matter or that it was originated by the chemical or biological processes of the body or that it perishes with the dissolution of life in the body. The cessation of its functioning in the body at death proves nothing, for that was to be expected whatever the origin of consciousness or its fundamental nature. Its disappearance may be a departure, a disappearance from the body, but not a disappearance from existence.

Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine and Human, pp. 322-23

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Morning 6 to 7:30 am— Practice session only

Evening 4 to 5:15 pm— Discussion, Q & A and Practices

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Attend this session both online and live @ Sri Aurobindo Society, No. 11, St. Martin Street, Puducherry - 605 001, India.