A Consciousness Approach to Habits & Addictions

Start Date:31-May-2024

End Date:31-May-2024



Do you struggle with habits or addictions? Join us if you aspire to break free of these negative patterns and embark on a life with a richer purpose. The rational mind may be saying stop, but one still remains enslaved to the same old addictions, be they gadgets, junk food, sex, alcohol or tobacco. It needs more than mere mental will to reverse these continual movements. Join this workshop with Dr. Yogesh Mohan and tangibly experience an infusion of higher consciousness to illuminate those darker corners inside that keep us stuck to the same habitual grooves. Transcend the grip of addiction and walk towards freedom and fulfilment.

Join this workshop organized by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health, Pondicherry on 31 May 2024 with sessions from 5:00 to 7:30 pm IST

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