Growing, Deepening & Widening in Consciousness

Start Date:12-Aug-2024

End Date:13-Aug-2024



In Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, we aim to develop our consciousness in an integral way. There is no single direction. We aspire to raise it to the spiritual peaks of the mind and yet also fathom and explore deep inside to source the treasures of the psychic being. Ultimately too, we strive to expand our consciousness to encompass the breadth of all existence. Join us to get a practical understanding of all these movements. What makes them all possible? What are the implications of this work?  Is there a master-key that can open all the doors? Experience these dynamic sessions and absorb this priceless knowledge. This programme is open to online and live participants.

There will be no online presentations at this event. At least that is our aim.  We encourage everyone to make the effort to come here (so close to Sri Aurobindo’s birthday) and enjoy the warmth, the insights and, of course, the usual hospitality at Society Hall!

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Phone: James +91 7094898789

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