A Consciousness Approach to Gastrointestinal Disorders with Dr Yogesh Mohan

Start Date:29-Dec-2023

End Date:29-Dec-2023



Gathering the collective energy of 35 participants, the NAMAH Workshop, conducted by Dr. Yogesh Mohan, unfolded a transformative exploration into the conscious healing of gastrointestinal illnesses. Driven by the principles of faith, cellular transformation and the wisdom shared by The Mother, the speaker delved into the profound relationship between consciousness and the well-being of our digestive system.

Faith and Cellular Transformation

Dr. Yogesh emphasised the significance of faith in the healing process, citing The Mother's words that "Finally it is the faith that cures." This faith, a potent creative force, operates at the cellular level and requires active belief in the process of transformation.

Truths Revealed

The root cause of illness lies in the subconscient of cells.

Every cell is inherently intelligent and can heal itself.

Cells are made of conscious substance and respond to thoughts and emotions.

The body should be treated with reverence and trust in its innate healing ability.

Sources of Energy

Understanding that food is a source of energy, the workshop explored subtler sources such as the sun, Mother Earth, clean natural spaces, and fruits/vegetables. Balancing energy intake from these sources reduces the reliance on conventional food.

Approach to Food

In a meditative state, participants were guided to connect with their stomachs, offering food with gratitude to the Divine Mother. The process involved visualisations, surrendering greed and enclosing the stomach in golden light. Connecting to the intestines involved expressing love and gratitude.

Divine Healing

The workshop emphasised that only the Divine can heal and seeking His support is the foundation. Participants were guided to invoke the Divine Presence, offering emotional imbalances, desires, responsibilities, hurts and grudges transparently. Staying in an inner state of silence allows one to see all body organs as divine and listen to their needs.

Dr. Yogesh concluded the workshop by empowering participants to approach gastrointestinal health with faith, conscious awareness and a deep connection to the Divine essence within.


“I felt immense peace in the stomach and the intestinal areas, and peaceful still feeling throughout my body, and mind. I feel like sitting still. Deep gratitude to Dr. for this session.

“I offer to my body prasad that is pure and nourishing. Not give in to my palette. I can heal myself.”

“Call the Mother's presence and light always.”

“Thank you Yogeshji for the workshop. Communicating with the body really provided the practical link for a belief that I had in the supreme intelligence of the body.

In the last 2 days, I’m really in touch with my gut and it’s proving to be so very authentic and useful, particularly in understanding my emotional responses.”