Sadhana of the Body

Start Date:11-Aug-2023

End Date:13-Aug-2023



“Gradually,.. you must, with a methodical work of infusing consciousness into the cells of the body, infuse at the same time the truth of the Divine Presence. This work takes time, but, if done methodically and constantly, it produces an effect.

The Mother, 8:213

This retreat aims to help with exploring body to work within to Heal, to Evolve and to Manifest.


  • Our body often holds suffering, stress and limitations within 
  • It is not the job of our bodies to hold on to these entanglements 
  • To heal we need to bring our awareness into the specific cells and parts of our body that are holding stress 
  • Our natural breath supports us to sense, purify, strengthen and nourish the flow of our body 
  • Connection to a higher and deeper Source brings in new alchemical energy and substance


  • We all carry some degree of emotional pains, hurts or sadness
  • If we hold these wounds within our body, our body starts weakening and also adds additional burden to the collective progress
  • We can locate where in the body these emotions are stored with a clear aspiration and connection to any Source, our body learns to dissolve or release these entangled emotions
  • Our body’s cells then learn to connect to the cave of our heart where beautiful emotions of care, love compassion and strength live – and thus feels self-nourished


  • Memories are strings of images, sounds and feelings carrying positive or negative charges
  • All memories can be connected to our highest Source connection so that they carry an enhanced nourishing charge
  • Painful memories can be healed by healing the body, emotion and mind of the ‘younger you’ present in the memory and then integrating it in the cave of our hearts


  • Our thoughts can chain us into our past
  • Through thoughts, we can enter into intuitive zones above thoughts
  • Future Vision gives us a glimpse of our Future Body, Being and Work
  • When we are linked with our Future Vision it supplies us fresh inputs to our thoughts, life-energy and body


  • We learn to connect to, identify & draw direct nourishment from one or more of these Universal Sources:
  1. Flowers: They can offer us natural beauty, freshness, vastness, power, clearing, cantering & loving emotions
  2. Space Above Head/Mind: They bring into our mind and being universal states of Vastness, Silence, Peace, Light, Love and Delight
  3. Cave of Heart: They hold our individual deeper Aspirations, Intuition, Guidance, Love, Joy, Peace and Power
  4. Core of Earth: Here are deeper nourishing domains of Creative Flame, Flow, Love and Union
  5. Pure Substance: In our body’s depth there is cellular safety, intelligence, shine, love & flowing joy


There comes a moment when the body itself finds that there is nothing in the world which is so worth living for as this transformation;
that there is nothing which can have as great an interest as this passionate interest of transformation.

It is as though all the cells of the body were athirst for that Light which wants to manifest; they cry out for it, they find an intense joy in it and are sure of the victory.

The Mother, 9: 191

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M: +91 8056866627 / Email: [email protected]

The venue of the Retreat:

Matriniketan – Institute of Integral Healing– Sri Aurobindo Society, 34, Marvadi Street, Kuruchikuppam, Puducherry – 605003

Who is it for?

  • Any individual interested in working deeper with body, emotion, energy and mind, and access its depth & goodness for Sadhana


  • What naturally unfolds
  • Discover alignment with Body, Mind, Heart and Higher & deeper Source
  • Living with pure Light, Love, Silence, Joy, Peace & Flow
  • Ability to heal self
  • Be in the present moment and access Future Vision
  • Release 'weights' of past Experience
  • Love and union of body cells
  • Transform through daily activities & work
  • Transcend fear
  • Access the grounding power and alignment with core of earth
  • Receive intuitions as a way of life
  • Be with radiance of deeper heart
  • Enhance creative manifestation both at personal & professional level


What will the Space look like?

* Retreat is done in a beautiful Indo French heritage building, situated by the sea shore, to gently connect within and receive nourishment of fresh energy & vastness. It is 10 minutes walking distance away from Sri Aurobindo ashram.

* There would be sufficient time for inner explorations, sharing and clarification of doubts. 

* The practices shared are collectively explored and individually tuned to suit each participant. 

* The retreat is mainly in the light of Integral yoga but also open to Universal ways and thus each one can follow their own paths of evolution & transformation and integrate the essence of what we explore here into their regular paths.

* All the three vegetarian meals will be Sattvik, light, hygienic and fulfilling.
Refreshments during the breaks will be provided.

* Apart from the retreat contribution, accommodation should be taken care by the participants.

For any query or help, feel free to contact us.

About the Facilitators

Facilitator 1

Arul Dev has 28 years’ experience in guiding for healing, transformation and evolution. He specialises in Inner Body and Breath workshops. He offers residential retreats on ‘Transform your Self’. He is working individually with few individuals who are aspiring for body transformation in the path of Mother’s Agenda. He guides parents, students, teachers, healers and aspiring practitioners in these works. He also offers leadership vision, strategy and culture coaching and retreats. He runs a Human Resources Consulting firm called People First Consultants for 28 years which is into people hiring and development. He is in the panel of facilitators for IIT Madras for their Self Awareness courses, Sri Aurobindo Society for their Spiritual Leadership workshops, New Creation International, US for their Self Discovery sessions, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre for their wellness courses and Stella Maris as a IQAC Advisory Committee Member. He is a facilitator and coach for several corporates for their leadership and change programs. He is the author of two books ‘The Flame Within’ published by Soulscapes and ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ published by AuroPublications.

Facilitator 2

Shekhar M K(Director, AuroYajna – Sri Aurobindo Society)

Shekhar has done his Masters in Yoga Therapy from SVYASA and has completed equivalent courses from Bihar School of Yoga in the span of year 2000 to 2003 when AYUSH ministry was not formed and no campus, syllabus and University courses were designed by government of India and the "Yogic education" then was all given by and through Ashram parmapara of Bharat.

Being a student of commerce in academic viz CA, & Diploma in Taxation & Law, Shekhar perceived his childhood dream, to join the Indian Armed Forces and cleared the required tests. But the Inner Call towards the Yogic life by then ( 2006 ) had became so intense with the practicing Yoga Therapist & having been treated plus got results of many of the acute illnesses and simply by the Sadhana method of Yogic Science that he did rather prefer to continue Yoga as his Life rather commerce & army as career.

Shekhar has been doing Yoga Therapy since the year 2000 from his Yoga Studio till the year 2020 that he joined Sri Aurobindo Society to continue his Inner as well as outer endeavor, this time through Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to seek his work on the Physical in the Light of The Mother & to speed up the work of "Divinisation of the Human Body" how the conventional Yogic practices and processes makes the same happen as per the guidelines of Sri Aurobindo; as health is the biggest asset a man has in his hands and this journey from illness to wellness is Synthesized through his department: AuroYajna- as the journey from an 'individual self centered life' to the "Collective Spiritual Life" of Sadhana through work offering making the guidelines of Sri Aurobindo Ashram as the fundamental working principal.

In order to manifest the above mentioned vision of our department, AuroYajna, till now has been doing multiple Yoga classes since 3 years through workshops of "Towards Self Perfection" since 24 months on monthly basis- 6 days a month on many subjects viz. Yoga for Digestion, Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Nervous System, Neurological System, etc.

Facilitator 3

Shweta(Director, AuroYajna – Sri Aurobindo Society)

Early into her management career, Shweta had a breakthrough that a corporate career was not aligned with her inner nature, her Svadharma.  

Initiated into yoga at a young age, she completed her yoga teacher training and Yogic lifestyle course from Bihar School of Yoga, Munger and SVYASA, Benguluru. 
She later did a teacher training course in prenatal yoga from Kaivalyadham, Lonavala as well as from SVYASA, Benguluru. 

She was introduced to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in 2004. 
But it was during the youth camp organised by Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry in 2008 that Shweta felt a deeper connection to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, and since then participated in conducting and organising various programmes of the Society. 

She also continued her practice as a yoga therapist in her studio 'Nawa Yogini'. 
Years of combined efforts along with Shekhar M K in the field of Yoga led to the blossoming of AuroYajna - a vertical for research and studying the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo at SAS, Pondicherry in January 2020, the motto of which is 'Divine Life in a Divine Body'.

Schedule: (final 3 days’ schedule will be posted / shared close to the retreat dates)

06:30 am to 07:45 am.Yoga Shweta/Shekhar

08:00 am to 08:45 am.Breakfast

09:00 am to 10:30 am.Conscious body workArul Dev

10:30 am to 10:45 am.Juice break

10:45 am  to 12:15 pm.Conscious body workArul Dev

12:15 pm to 01:00 pm.Lunch break

01:00 pm to 01:45 pm.Yoga Nidra/Chetana Jagriti

Conscious rest with The Mother’s or Sunil da’s music (@ MN only)Shekhar/Shweta

02:00 pm to 03:30 pm.Conscious body workArul Dev

03:30 pm to 03:50 pm.Tea break

04:00 pm to 05:30 pm.Conscious body workArul Dev

05:30 pm to 06:00 pm. - Soaking into vibrations of Sri Aurobindo's Savitri

(Inner body work alongside reading of selected verses of Savitri) – Arul Dev

06:00 pm to 06:45 pm.Dinner

07:00 pm.Together starting for Ashram

07:30 pm to 08:00 pm.Collective meditation at Samadhi

08:00 pm to 06:00 am.Group disperses

(Personal sadhana continues at one’s own space)