Intuition Training with Lopa Mukherjee

Start Date:13-Oct-2023

End Date:14-Oct-2023

Location:Online and Society House


Intuition Training, a one-and-a-half-day hybrid mode (included online and in person participants) workshop, which was organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health, with Ms. Lopa Mukherjee, was incredibly revealing and highly motivating, as it provided us rich insights into multiple dimensions of intuition. We learnt of the many foundational concepts about the intuitive mind and how to undertake the journey from the rational mind to ithe ntuitive mind, as expounded in Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga. We learnt about many practices and tools to awaken and develop our intuitive faculties for gaining sustained access to the intuitive mind and thereby achieving a deeper connection with the Divine. All through the workshop, the facilitator kept us motivated by sharing many real-life examples of people and incidents where practice of intuition had made a significant impact.

Besides getting exposure to the impactful work that Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have done through their siddhis (intuitive faculties) of trikaldrishti and vyapti, we also learnt of the many transformations that we can personally experience in our own daily lives by staying more connected with the intuitive mind. We also leant of the role that intuition plays in the life of an Integral Yoga practitioner for achieving better integration with their own being, with the other beings and with the world at large. We also learnt of the risks and pitfalls that we need to be vigilant about as we undertake our journey of connecting with the other realms using our intuitive capabilities.

Across the whole workshop, we did quite a few exercises to experience the use of our inner senses of sight, touch and hearing. Besides exercises which could be done individually, a few of them were meant for partner setting and group setting as well. We learnt of the four Vedic goddesses who work collaboratively to heighten our inner senses and power of discrimination, thereby enhancing our intuitive capacity. We learnt and practised four methods for quietening the mind which are a prerequisite for gaining unhindered access to the intuitive mind. We learnt and practised the use of four methods to access intuition. We learnt of the many professions which rely on the use of intuition as one of the foundational capabilities. We also learnt of the role that intuition has played across the centuries in creation of inspiring artwork. After studying some inspirational poetry from Savitri, we also kindled the poet in ourselves by writing a short poem of our own and sharing it with the group.

To conclude the workshop, facilitator answered many intriguing participant questions, which further expanded our understanding of intuition. She also left us with a comprehensive list of take-home practices which we can keep using to sharpen our intuitive mind and thereby gain access to the vast expanse of the cosmic intelligence which we have so far denied to ourselves.

15 people participated in person

34 people participated online

Feedback from Live participants:

“The Workshop was very good in teams of content and execution. The activities helped us to understand the complexities more easily.”

“The facilitation was very well thought and clearly executed.”

“I was involved intensely from the beginning to end.”

“Yes, it is indeed necessary for the humanity. This is particularly missing in today’s education system. Children should be taught our rich past history, power of mind and soul.”

“Yes, definitely I will work on expending my intuition skill going ahead in life.”

“Yes, it helped give a different perception of the Integral Yoga.”

“She [Lopa] inspired all of us with her charming personal presence and she was focused on the topic.”

“I never attended a intuition training and actually it was wonderful and really interesting.”

“Yes, everyone was very friendly and I felt invited to participate, to give my opinion all the time.”

The space was very clear. The food was wonderful.”

All the people involved were very nice. I was so happy.”

“I had the Intuition to do this workshop. Will tell my friends what I’ve learned here.

 “I am so much grateful to get chance to have this workshop.”

“There were so many activities to be engaged in all the time.”

“It was very useful and very well-thought through.”

“It was really over whelming to know so much about the subtle powers.”

“Yes, she [Lopa] guided so well.”

“Yes, very inspired to carry on with the journey.”

Looking forward to other workshops.”

Feedback from Online participants:

 “The experience was that I was calmer and was able to intuit and attempt intuition.”

“I suggest the Society to conduct more detailed workshops on Shri Aurobindo's Yoga. Some of the readings of Shri Aurobindo are complex to understand, especially the various layers of mind, etc. and the reality of complex words such as the supramental and others. Further, not many people know what to read first and the essential gradient required is missing. Thereby, when you buy a book which is too hard to understand everything becomes overwhelming. In fact, during the workshop i had a feeling that I should suggest the facilitator on forming at least 7 days, or a 10 day workshops in the Ashram just like Vipassana people do. There should be a University like formation and then, on a gradient basis, the courses should be conducted. I have been into Sri Aurobindo's Yoga for more than 20 years now, but this gradient thing has wasted my number of years, therefore the suggestion, thanks.”

“Earlier I was confused about the concept of intuition coming from Overmind and other levels. This essentially got sorted out in the workshop as well as other practical stuff taught.”

“The only suggestion is that before getting on with the practical content, the first part of content should be more theory. Detailed explanation of the words like Vyapti, Anumanta etc with examples are required. More details about goddess Illa, Dakshina, etc. and how to have an access to them for enhancing intuition should be searched for. Most importantly, an explanation of of all the different layers of the mind and why did sri Aurobindo separate the  mind so much into these divisions along with his yoga is what I at least desire to know.”

“More enlightening and elevating. Things were simplified. Thanks to all the organisers and teacher.”

“Silencing the mind, going beyond the mind and learning functions of intuition in our everyday life was really fulfilling.”

“Lopa's sharing of Sri Aurobindo's writing on this topic was very enriching for me to understand and experience intuition.”

“The different concentration practices that were shared by Lopa were quite helpful in gathering my awareness and opening my consciousness to higher realms to gain knowledge on this topic.”

“Lopa unveiled the topic at great length with practical activities which helped me gain a deeper understanding of Integral Yoga.”

My practical take-homes are - the power/capacity of intuition is naturally ingrained in human nature, we just need to train our senses; this power helps us gain direct knowledge from higher realms if we are trained sufficiently, preparing ourselves as receivers of the divine knowledge to manifest itself in its pure form in the physical plane. This is one of the prerequisites of Integral Yoga towards becoming an ideal instrument of the Divine.”

“Got in touch with the latent intuitive faculties and realisation that a lot more needs to be done.”