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Start Date:24-May-2023

End Date:04-Jun-2023



Silambam is the oldest Martial Art of the world, it is also known as the Mother of all Martial Arts and is one of the Traditional Martial Arts of Tamil Nadu.

Silambam includes a variety of weapons and practice methods such as the Twin sticks, Short sticks (Chedikutchi), Pandhukol (staff with balls of fire or weighted chains on each end), Kuttu kattai (Spiked knuckleduster), Kattari (Kuthu vaal), Spear, Deer horns (Maan kombu, Madu, Maru), Bladed whip (Surul Vaal), Single Sword, Double sword, Sword & Shield, Dagger, Sickle, etc.

Also, there are unarmed (barehand) fight forms in Silambam collectively termed as Verum kai prayogam which comprises of Kuthuvarisai, Adi Varisai, Pidi Varisai, Malyuttham (wrestling/grappling), those are based on animal movements such as the elephant, snake, eagle, tiger and monkey.

Few forms of Silambam from Tamil Nadu are practiced in many names across India as Karra saamu in Andhra Pradesh, Lathi khel in Bengal, Mardaani khel in Maharashtra, Gatka in Punjab, Neduvadi in Kerala and Khathga in Jharkand & Bihar, etc.

It is familiarly known as Silambattam.

Few benefits & advantages of practicing Silambam:

*Activates the left & right brain’s coordination, which helps gain better motor skills

*Mindfulness promoting mental peace

*Improves mental health & stability

*Helps realize our mind & body’s full capability

*Helpful for self defense, especially for women

*Enhances the person’s self confidence & Self esteem

*Helps build Immune system

*Improves flexibility of the body, creativity, concentration & patience level

*One can gain knowledge & awareness about human Anatomy

*Silambam can also be a helpful tool to advance in meditation practices as it helps enhance physical and mental awareness and vigilance.

Join to learn the Basic / Beginner level from Dr. L. Binu Kumar

Time: 05:45 to 07:15 pm IST

Age: 10 & above

Note:  Please buy your own stick for practice

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