Conscious Will Acts on The Body

Start Date:27-Mar-2023

End Date:01-Apr-2023

Location:Online and on campus


AuroYajna continues the series of workshops titled "Towards Self Perfection” started in July 2021 as their first step towards Divine Life in Divine Body.

This series is based on Sri Aurobindo's message - "Divine Life cannot manifest without the Divine Body".

Part 1 of the series is "Perfection of the Body".

To have the body as a perfect instrument, every system of the body, viz. the digestive system, the neurological system, the cardiovascular system, and each body organ needs to be perfected and in harmony amongst themselves. 

This month, through the “Conscious Will Acts on The Body”, AuroYajna is trying the Yogic practices to do with the same aspiration in order to take the work of Divine Life in a Divine Body a baby step further.

Mother, in the physical education we practise here our aim is a greater and greater control over the body, isn't it? So, as Sri Aurobindo has said in what we read last time, that the Hatha-yoga and Tantric methods give a very great control over the body,1 why don’t we introduce these methods into our system?

These are occult processes for acting on the body — the Tantric ones, at any rate — while the modern methods of development follow the ordinary physical process to give the body all the perfection it is capable of in its present state.... I don’t quite grasp your question. The processes are completely different.

The basis of all these methods is the power exercised by the conscious will over matter. Usually it is a method which someone has used fairly successfully and set up as a principle of action, which he has taught to others who in turn have continued and perfected it until it has taken a somewhat fixed form of one kind of discipline or another. But the whole basis is the action of the conscious will on the body. The exact form of the method is not of primary importance. In various countries, at various times, one method or another has been used, but always behind it there is a canalised mental power which acts methodically. Of course, some methods try to use a higher power which would in its turn transmit its capacity to the mental power: if a power of a higher order is infused into the mental method, this method naturally becomes more effective and powerful. But essentially all these disciplines depend above all on the person who practises them and the way he uses them. One can, even in the most material, ordinary processes, make use of this altogether external basis to infuse into them powers of a higher order. And all methods, whatever they may be, depend almost exclusively on the person who uses them, on what he puts into them.

The Mother. Collected Works of the Mother. Cent. ed. Volume 9. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust; 1977, pp. 152-5.

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