Discovering Our True Self with Aditi Kaul

Start Date:22-Mar-2023

End Date:25-Mar-2023



The programme was organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health, from 22nd – 25th March 2023 with an intention to offer a reflective space to all the participants and to contemplate methods and practices that facilitate unfolding of inner processes and act as a guide towards building a deeper connection with the presence within.

The opening session titled, ‘Exploring the Multiplicity,’ focused on the different dimensions of the surface personality as looked at from the lens of Integral Yoga and its evolving complexity that veils the inner being. A true power of discernment is required as early steps are taken on the path of self-discovery to build a bridge between the inner and the outer being. A reflection on the presence of Psychic Being contemplated upon the secret aspiration all human beings nurture within to uncover the latent potentialities and to consciously participate in collective yoga. The speaker focused on the ‘keyword’ approach and encouraged all the participants to be vigilant of what words strike them and make note of it as this process acts as a building block in the journey of discovering one’s own ways and means to dive within. Participants were asked to reflect on few questions not just during the session but also at the end as those questions directed them towards the approach of ‘shifting their lens’ from inner to outer as they become aware of their own processes. A key takeaway from day one was that objectivity is the first brick of the bridge in exploring the multiplicity and connecting it to the sense of oneness within.

The second session titled ‘Experiencing the Process’ started with a reflection on a quote by the Mother and the assurance that the work needs to be done here on earth and sadhana has to be done in real-time. The speaker focused on the aspect of ‘Process’ in the journey and how a sense of basic preparation is required right at the onset. It is here where qualities like sincerity, perseverance, sustained effort come into play. The session then progressed with a discussion on the need for awareness and collaboration of all the parts of the being and the paramount importance of silence and conscious energy exchange while engaging with the outer world experiences. The speaker focused on being aware of the nature of the dualities and the contradictions on the surface. As the process of purification of the surface nature unfolds, more and more inner guidance emerges in silence, bringing calmness and clarity on the surface as the outer actions are increasingly guided from within. The session ended with a discussion that focused primarily on the process of aligning oneself and becoming comfortable with the pace of time.

The third session titled, ‘Examining the Errors’ opened with a discussion on a series of reflective questions that focused on the role and the importance of a certain psychological discipline and the need for balance and harmony while engaging with the different parts of the being. The speaker emphasized on the importance of an evolved poise required for a conscious collaboration of surface personality in inner work and spoke about how to move from ‘dwelling on defects’ to ‘process of purification’ by consciously working on self while being stationed in the witness poise. The speaker then went on to build on the theme ‘serving our being over letting it suffer’ by leading the participants through a set of reflective questions. The session ended with a silent reflection on one of the prayers from Prayers and Meditations by the Mother

The last session on day four titled, ‘Expression: the key to Integral Living’ began with participants sharing their understanding of ‘Integral Living’ and how aware they are of their living aspiration on a day-to-day basis. The speaker then focused on the importance of being conscious of the form one gives to the intentions and how an inner shift in consciousness leads to a shift in the expression in the outer world. The session proceeded with a detailed discussion on the dualities and the contradictions that one faces in the outer life and the multiple ways and possibilities to bridge inner living with outer expression. Elements like concentration, clarity and calmness were among the few poises that the speaker shared as bases for consciously connecting with the Divine. A few visual exercises were offered in the space to reflect and build on their own inner connection and how they would like to bridge it with their outer living. The session ended with a collective meditation on the Mother’s music.

This four-day immersion offered participants a space for reflection on their evolving journey and the connection with their inner being. The discussions facilitated a closer examination of their own processes. It also provided a collective space for developing ways that align to their journey and enabling them to not only establish a deeper connection within by understanding their process but also creating for themselves conscious ways to express that inner connection in their outer life. These sessions were a collective offering at the Lotus feet of the Mother with an aspiration to become conscious Divine instruments.

About 20 people registered for this fascinating and helpful workshop.


Did this workshop give you a clearer understanding of Integral Psychology?

“Yes. She puts into words what is often an experience and by hearing this out loud gives a clarity and seems to open a passage to explore further – like foggy misty patches opening up. Especially as I feel I can’t express in words what I am experiencing as it seems to never fully describe or loses or misses out on the depth of the experience and so there is an outer disquiet and frustration. So, the solution has often been to just keep quiet outwardly …. Which has its advantages and disadvantages.”

Did the workshop give you a clear understanding of the practice of Integral Yoga?

“Yes, it re-confirmed the practice and showed that by practicing an Integral yoga is the only way to attempt to get/find some sort of alignment within. And importantly quotes, reference by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.”

What did you enjoy most about the workshop?

“The sincerity and spontaneity of the speaker.”

Please list any areas for improvement for this event or focus areas for our future events.

“Would most certainly like more workshops by Aditi, perhaps a part 2 to this workshop?”