India and the United States in the Twenty-First Century: Revisiting Sri Aurobindo's Message

Start Date:04-Feb-2023

End Date:04-Feb-2023



"The ascent of the human soul to the supreme Spirit is that soul’s highest aim and necessity, for that is the supreme reality; but there can be too the descent of the Spirit and its powers into the world and that would justify the existence of the material world also, give a meaning, a divine purpose to the creation and solve its riddle. East and West could be reconciled in the pursuit of the highest and largest ideal. Spirit embrace Matter and Matter find its own true reality and the hidden Reality in all things in the Spirit."

Sri Aurobindo's Messsage to America, August 11, 1949

(Given in response to a request for a message on the occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s birth anniversary celebrations in New York on the 15th August 1949.

As a mark of celebrating the completion of 75th Year of India’s Independence and 150th Birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, AuroBharati, Sri Aurobindo Society, Union Territory of Puducherry is organizing a virtual presentation on ‘India and the United States in the Twenty-First Century: Revisiting Sri Aurobindo's Message.’

The lecture will be delivered by Prof. Arvind Kumar, Professor of United States' Studies, Centre for Canadian, United States and Latin American Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

The lecture will be held on 4th February, 2023 at 04.00 p.m. on zoom.  

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