Leadership and Management

The economic scene today is going through a major upheaval with many of the existing paradigms collapsing or proving inadequate. Managing the human element is still the most important and yet the most challenging need.



AuroLeadership strives to help managers develop and fully express their inner potential, to realise that the root causes of all problems lie within, and only a change in attitudes, values and consciousness can bring about a lasting solution. AuroLeadership carries out research in the field of business management. With spiritual philosophy and psychology as a base, it aims to develop, demonstrate and validate new and alternative systems of transforming attitudes and values.

Striving to be a centre of excellence for an integral approach to management, AuroLeadership is building a network of experienced trainers, from both academia and industry, who are strongly oriented towards a deeper vision while being fully responsive to present day industry needs.

AuroLeadership organises conferences, seminars, workshops and training programmes, and publishes books and journals on the future evolution of management. It is also working on modules for e-learning and training.


The primary goal of AuroLeadership is to carry out research in the field of Business Management so as to develop a holistic insight into the human factor of an organization.AuroLeadership is equipped with the necessary training methodologies and a network of experienced resource persons, from both academia and industry, who are strongly oriented towards deeper values while being fully responsive to present industry needs.


The Sri Aurobindo Society aims to bring together all those who would like to work for the advent of a new world. Participate with us—come visit, volunteer, contribute, learn and grow in a way and in a field that interests you.


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