Yoga for Heart

Start Date:26-Sep-2022

End Date:01-Oct-2022

Location:Online and Oncampus


AuroYajna continues the series of workshops titled "Towards Self Perfection” started in July 2021 as their first step towards Divine Life in Divine Body.

This series is based on Sri Aurobindo's message - "Divine Life cannot manifest without the Divine Body".

 Part 1 of the series is "Perfection of the Body".

To have the body as a perfect instrument, every system of the body, viz. the digestive system, the neurological system, the cardiovascular system, and each body organ needs to be perfected and in harmony amongst themselves. 

This month AuroYajna is concentrating on the vastness of the Heart and the Yogic practices from Integral Yoga as well as from traditional Yoga to improve depth through “Yoga for Heart”.

It is the heart that has wings, not the head.

-The Mother

All help is given to you always, but you must learn to receive it in the silence of your heart and not through external means. It is in the silence of your heart that the Divine will speak to you and will guide you and will lead you to your goal. But for that you must have full faith in the Divine Grace and Love.

18 January 1962

We have to create strength where it did not exist before; we have to change our natures, and become new men with new hearts, to be born again. We need a nucleus of men in whom the Shakti is developed to its uttermost extent, in whom it fills every corner of the personality and overflows to fertilise the earth. These, having the fire of Bhawani in their hearts and brains, will go forth and carry the flame to every nook and cranny of our land.

-Sri Aurobindo

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Morning 6 am to 7:30 am — Practice session only

Evening 4 pm to 5:15 pm — Discussion, Q & A and Practices

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Attend this session both online and live @ Sri Aurobindo Society, No. 11, St. Martin Street, Puducherry - 605 001, India.