Jai Bhavani – Baji Prabhou - A Dance Drama

Start Date:09-Aug-2022

End Date:09-Aug-2022


Institute:AuroYajna, AuroBharati

Baji Prabhu Deshpande was a commander of Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire. Baji Prabhu sacrificed his life to save the life of his king, Shivaji.

Sri Aurobindo’s poem Baji Prabhou is inspired by the well-known historical event when Baji Prabhou Deshpande, to cover Shivaji Maharaj’s retreat, held the fort of Rangana for over two hours with a small company of men against twelve thousand Mughal soldiers. Join us as we celebrate this chapter of Indian history through the poem of Sri Aurobindo. 

Sri Aurobindo’s poem on Baji Prabou is full of the Vira rasa (the delight of heroism and courage.  In this poem, Sri Aurobindo immortalises this great Maratha hero through his unique poetic creativity giving an example and an inspiration to emulate as well as the joy of tasting the essence of heroism.

We invite you to explore how the seer-poet Sri Aurobindo expresses the exemplary strength, patriotism and valour of Baji Prabhou through the beauty of different rasa-s, at the same time infusing the poem with a deeper spiritual philosophy and ideal, which gives it a powerful intensity and leaves a strong impact on the reader and listener.

AuroYajna and AuroBharati jointly has organised a dance drama on this epic poem of Sri Aurobindo. 


Concept & Choreography - Anjali Bagal

Script & Voiceover - Sayali Patwardhan

Music - Amod Kulkarni

Dancers: Ananya Srinivasan, AnjaliBagal, Anushka Gaikward,

Gautami Rathod, Mansi Salunke, Ruta Bagal, Sayali Patwardhan

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