International Conference of Integral Health: Growth of Consciousness and Well-Being

Start Date:04-Jan-2022

End Date:06-Jan-2022

Location:Society House, Pondicherry


The aim of this Conference is to examine the connection between consciousness and well-being. Consciousness is more than awareness: it is the maker of our own being and the maker of the worlds. There is nothing that is not Consciousness. It is imbued with Force, but how is Force applied and what is needed for its application? How does it directly determine our well-being? It is not only an existential truth but one with considerable practical importance to our day-to-day living. In these practical, helpful and interactive sessions, from morning to evening and spread over 3 days, this relationship will be examined in 21 sessions by 21 facilitators from a variety of angles and approaches. The choice is yours: participate online or attend in person at Society House in Pondicherry. Either way, you will be more than welcome!


Payment link for Indian nationals for both live and online participation

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Payment link for online participation for people residing out of India

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