On-Farm experimentation with Rice - Harvest of experimental plots

Start Date:25-Sep-2021

End Date:25-Sep-2021

Location:Bahour, Pondicherry

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

As part of the ongoing AHAR Project (Agro Homeopathy for Sustainable Agriculture), on-farm experimentation has been taken up by the Svarnim Puducherry-AHAR team in Bahour (Puducherry), the rice-bowl of Puducherry.

The experimentation is being done through an RBD (randomized block design) method with 7 treatments (5 Homeo, 1 NPK (Chemical) and one Control) having 3 replicates each, thus amounting to 24 test plots. From each plot, 15 plants are tagged and are continuously monitored for plant growth parameters and at the end on yield-parameters as well. 

The fist on-farm plots were harvested by the SP-AHAR team on 25 September 2021 which is an important milestone in the project.  Plot wise data recording will be conducted in the days to come to analyze the data and to arrive at the efficacy of the various treatments and thereafter carry out comparative studies.