Farmers Field School on AHAR project

Start Date:08-Sep-2021

End Date:08-Sep-2021

Location:Kalanjiyam, Bahour, Puducherry

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

A Farmers Field school was conducted for the farmers of Kalanjiyma village in the Bahour Commune regarding the application of Homeo-medicines in the field of agriculture. About 20 farmers participated in the Farmers field School.

Introductory speech was given by Dr. Jayachandran, Reasearch Associate of Svarnim Puducherry followed by Mr.T.P. Raghunath – Director of Svarnim who spoke on the application of Homeo-medicine in the field of Agriculture. Then Dr. Senthil Kumar, explained about the effects of homeopathy medicines on humans and finally positive and negative impacts of Green Revolution was taken by Mrs. Hema Gobi, Programme coordinator.

Later, a live interaction with the farmers was conducted on the various aspects of crop management in AHAR from seed treatment to raising nursery, application of homeo medicines etc. Based on the inputs provided by the Svarnim Puducherry AHAR team, all the farmers present expressed their willingness to be partners in the on-farm experimentation with the AHAR methodology including the crops of rice and vegetables as well.

The day when our food products will be cultivated without the use of pesticides is not far away.  Let this be the beginning and all that begins well ends well too.