Basic Computer/E-Service Skills Training Program

Start Date:28-Aug-2021

End Date:01-Sep-2021

Location:Satyam Centre, Poothurai


SARVAM in association with the LTFS, Mumbai, organized a 4-day training for the digital sakhis at the Satyam Training Centre, Poothurai village. The main objective of this training was to provide the basic omputer/E-Service skills for the digital sakhis so that they will be able to learn a new technical skill which will be much useful for them to lead their life and also it will be useful for them to generate more income.

Computer/E-Service skills are very essential nowadays and all the skills cannot be taught in just 4 days. But this training provided them the basic and essential skills that will be useful to them in the long run and they can build upon these skills in their interest.

The 4 days’ session focused mainly on the practical training on the basic computer/e-service skills. All the digital sakhis had digital tablets with them and they were given training in a practical methodology that helped them to grasp things easily and learn quickly. MS Office and other application software that is much needed to work in the computer/e-service were taught to the digital sakhis by the trainer. The personal attention was given to each Digital Sakhi and this helped them to learn the skills without difficulty.

In addition to that, all the Digital Sakhis were trained on using the Online Applications such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp in an effective manner to promote their products and various other aspects related to Financial Literacy. All were taught to create accounts in these applications and the way to use them was also taught by the trainer.

Digital Sakhis were also taught to create email IDs and were taught to compose and forward emails to each other. This session was very useful for them and they all learned these skills enthusiastically.

The doubts raised by the Digital Sakhis were cleared by the trainer and this enhanced their confidence and they all were able to work on the computer with ease. All the Digital Sakhis were happy to learn computer/e-service skills and they requested to arrange for more such training for their skill development. This training has enhanced the skill sets of the Digital Sakhis and this will provide ample opportunities for their sustainability.