Music in Custody for Liberty

Start Date:25-Aug-2021

End Date:25-Aug-2021

Location:Central Prison, Pondicherry

Institute:Puthiya Nambikkai

Sri Aurobindo Society used music and dance therapy for the Prisoners to instil a positive change in self-perception, improve anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. Experts believe that the inmates often are suffering from trauma and depression and can be aggressive, resist authority and have unstable personal relationships. These symptoms if left unaddressed may lead to violence. SAS believes that dance & music therapy will give them an opportunity to safely channel their anger and frustration, increase their self-esteem, cope with stress and connect positively with others also it will aid in for their mental health and will be a great stimulus in reducing stress' and tackle emotional and behavioural problems and help them in smooth reintegration to society.

The first session was conducted in Pondicherry Jail on 25th Aug 21 with two experts Ms Alokananda Roy a well know Jail reformer who worked in all the jails of West Bengal and a few jails in the USA and UK.  The other expert was Ms. Krithigha Ravichandran a renowned Bharatnatyam Guru from Natya Chakra Pondicherry. The program was graced by IG Prisons Mr. Ravideep Singh Chahar and team from Sri Aurobindo Society.

The session had a powerful impact and 6 prisoners surrendered in front of Alokananda Roy and offered flowers on her feet.