Sensitization programme at Aranganur village

Start Date:29-Jul-2021

End Date:29-Jul-2021

Location:Aranganur Village, Pondicherry


On July 29, 2021, the Sanjeevan team visited Aranganur village to sensitize the villagers about palliative care, the importance, and the utmost satisfaction one gets out of it.

The crowd was mostly adolescent teens which motivated the gave confidence in the facilitators that the programme will be a real success.

The enthusiasm these youngsters showed was beyond description.

From the beginning of the programme till the end they were completely enthused and full of zeal and enthusiasm.

They were outlined about identifying palliative care patients, the basic treatment that can be given to them, the role of the Sanjeevan team in palliative care, the role that volunteers play in palliative care, the role of village leaders in motivating the villagers to participate in the programme and the training given to the volunteers on palliative care.

The youths were confirmed that the training will be given by health professionals who have years of experience in palliative care.

Towards the end of the programme, almost all the youth vowed to be a part of the programme and be a force to bring in a change in the health condition of their village.