Training on Sustainability for Women Entrepreneurs

Start Date:26-Jul-2021

End Date:31-Jul-2021

Location:Satyam Training Centre, Poothurai, Villupuram


SARVAM in association with LTFS, organized a 3-day sustainable training for the women entrepreneurs as various groups at Satyam Training Centre, Poothurai village.  The primary objective of this program was to help the Women Entrepreneurs to enhance themselves to next level on their trade and also to learn innovative methods that can be implemented in their trade for enhancing their income.

Expert trainers were invited to train the women entrepreneurs. Practical and interactive methods were used by the trainers which helped the women entrepreneurs to learn the concepts easily. Role play, activities, videos, PowerPoint presentations and real time examples were used by the trainers to enthuse the women entrepreneurs. 

The training focused on Business Development Strategies & Financial Linkages, Basic Records and Books of Accounts Maintenance, Marketing Strategies, Effective use of media, transforming ideas into execution, Skills to Innovate, and Launch to Grow the Business, Build a strong business with Technology focused selling, linkages with other businesses for innovate things and grow further, focus with the promotion of a business in online, Focus on contribution in Developing participatory  role and  promote team responsibility.

The highlight of the training is about using online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and various other Digital modes to promote their trade. Methods to be followed to market their products in online platforms was also explained by the trainers in detail.

All the women entrepreneurs made use of this 3-day training to learn innovative methods to improve themselves as well as their trade. The training also infused confidence amongst all the women entrepreneurs.