Opening up the Subtle Channels

Start Date:26-Jul-2021

End Date:31-Jul-2021



A six-day online workshop on opening up the subtle channels and organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health was conducted by Lopa Mukherjee from Jul 26-31, 2021. There were about 30 people registered for the event and with some opting for the recordings. Many exercises were done on developing an awareness of the subtle body, of extending the senses and the mind and opening the higher faculties of the being. Theory and practice were blended in, as were guided meditations and bodily exercises. There were discussions, questions were asked, and participants shared deep experiences.

This workshop provided tools to listen to universal messages, to energise oneself from the universal forces, and grow as a seeker of the Truth. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's life- experiences were used as examples and inspiration. Their writings formed the theoretical basis of the workshop. Guided meditation audios and several hand-outs were shared with the participants. It was an enriching experience that gave each participant new ways to continue their personal sadhana.