Valedictory function of COVID-19 vaccination awareness programme

Start Date:26-Jul-2021

End Date:26-Jul-2021

Location:Beach Road, Pondicherry

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

Sri Aurobindo Society and Pondicherry Science Forum jointly organised a unique COVID Awareness Programme (Kalajatha) in the Street Theatre format in about 20 villages falling under the Bahour PHC from 15th July to 21st July 2021.

This unique programme was organised in collaboration with the State COVID War Room with an objective of making people aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and demystifying the fear of people in getting vaccinated which is the only safeguard against the virus in the wake of the impending Third wave of COVID with more virulent strains of the disease like the recent Delta Plus.

This programme was catalyzed and supported by NCSTC, Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India and in partnership with Pondicherry Science Forum.

Kalajatha is a popular, traditional art form of folk theatre depicting various life processes of a local socio-cultural setting. It is an effective medium of mass communication in the Indian subcontinent especially in rural areas.

The Kalajatha Valedictory programme was organised at Puducherry Beach on the 26 July 2021. The programme was in continuation to the 10-day cultural tour of 20 villages in Bahour Commune starting from 15 July to 24 July 2021. The medium of Kalajatha was used to spread key information regarding the COVID pandemic, how it spreads, how it can be prevented and who can take vaccination etc., were covered in the 40 minute play, which also addressed several misconceptions related to inoculation.

The script of the Kalajatha was originally conceptualized and directed by Theatre expert Mr.Gopi, and songs written by Dr Deva Pattabiraman, accompanied by Thavil expert Mr. Vinayagam and Parai expert Mr. Mayakrishnan, was enacted by the technical staff of Svarnim Puducherry, Sri Aurobindo Society.

The final stage show held at the Pondicherry Beach Road on 26 July 202.  The programme started with a welcome address by Mr Raghunath TP, Director, Svarnim Puducherry, Sri Aurobindo Society. After the completion of the Kalajatha programme, Shri Vijay Poddar, Member Executive, Admin & Finance, Sri Aurobindo Society addressed the audience appreciating the COVID war room, the partners including Pondicherry Science Forum for creating a beautiful programme covering the pandemic. He also requested the people to join a people's movement for making Puducherry a model for other states to emulate as part of the Svarnim Puducherry. Thiru K.Lakshminarayanan, the Hon'ble Minister said that Sri Aurobindo Society was already doing great work for the people of Puducherry including the Sanjeevan Palliative Care and said that it is not an easy task to create such a beautiful skit on COVID awareness with such dedicated professional team. He felicitated Dr G.  Gobi who directed the Kalajatha skit as well. Dr R.Duraisamy of COVID war room proposed the vote of thanks.