Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Start Date:19-Jul-2021

End Date:19-Jul-2021

Location:Central Prison, Pondicherry

Institute:Prison Reformation

Pudhiya Nambikkai’, is a Model Prison Project, started by Sri Aurobindo Society in collaboration with various other organisations to help prisoners in Puducherry Central Jail to reclaim their dignity and self-worth by equipping them with the skills and tools necessary to earn a livelihood while still in prison, and also integrate back into society on their release from the prison.

As part of this project, a workshop was facilitated for a group of inmates by Mr. Nagarajan J and Ms. Veena Ramanath from Auro Souls Training and Coaching Services.

The focus of the workshop was on driving the importance of Emotional Intelligence in making appropriate life choices, to help them be aware of thoughts and emotions, and a few key tools to navigate through tough emotions, and ground themselves when confronted with overwhelming thoughts, that will prepare them to increase their EQ including skills like emotional self-awareness, conflict resolution, anger management, and connecting with the vitals to find the purpose of life.

The session started with some ice-breaking activities.  Later the facilitators gave a series of activities to the inmates to help them balance their emotions and feelings. All the activities were focussed on emotional balance and intelligence.  These activities though seem to be minuscule had massive reactions on the inmates.

At one point, even the authorities joined in some of the activities and they felt that these activities will help them achieve work-life balance.

In the future, SAS in collaboration with Auro Souls and Central Prison, Puducherry, is planning to conduct these activities regularly, which will help not only the inmates but also the authorities to manage their emotions positively for their good and also for the good of others.