Inauguration of Home Decor Unit

Start Date:03-Jul-2021

End Date:03-Jul-2021

Location:Central Prison, Pondicherry

Institute:Prison Reformation

Prison life should ideally be an opportunity for reformation. However, in practice, most prisons have a demoralizing and negative effect on the inmates and they emerge worse than before.

Puthiya Nambikkai, New Hope, the Prison Reformation Project, was initiated in partnership with the Puducherry Central Prison authorities, with a vision of a holistic transformation in the lives of prisoners. The program has an integral framework that provides physical and mental healthcare and psychological counselling to inmates and their families as well as to prison personnel.  This project exposes the inmates to self-sustaining livelihood options and training, provides an orientation to the prison administrators, and helps in building a positive environment in the prison.

As a new venture, the Home Décor Production Unit was inaugurated on July 3, 2021.  The objective of this venture is to help the prisoners and their families enhance their income, which will help them substantially thereby improving their standard of living.

During the inaugural function, the inmates demonstrated yoga and martial arts.

The function was attended by dignitaries of SVRCC, authorities of the Central Prison, Puducherry, Satya Special School and Sri Aurobindo Society.