Exploring Beauty

Start Date:07-May-2021

End Date:21-Jun-2021



To watch a glimpse of the two-month training, click here.

SAFIER of Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, India, in collaboration with School of Peace FVG, Italy, organized an online workshop for children aged 7-13 years. The objective of the workshop was to introduce the beauty and refinement of Fine Art based on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s vision of Integral Education. Around 12 children participated in the workshop. Out of which, 11 were from Slovenia and were helped by two facilitators. One child participated from Ukraine guided by her parent.

Priti as the main facilitator, along with Kavita and Rathi facilitated the sessions where the children explored the world of imagination, colour theory, understanding spaces, symmetry, patterns in nature, Origami, art style of Pointillism and Mandala art.   The participants also experienced joy by exploring their emotions, thoughts and body sensations through awareness activities.

Children happily shared what they drew, how it made them feel and how they would like to go towards perfection in their expressions. They understood that in order to observe anything, one has to make friendship with it and spend time with it.  Throughout the sessions the children were exposed to the world of ‘Flowers’ and they learnt several ways to experience a flower.  They were guided to draw inspiration and strength from flowers while they did their art work.


The children from Slovenia also developed their communication skills in English language which was one of the objectives of the workshop. They concluded with a beautiful and melodious song of gratitude.  

Some of the art works by the children:



Some feedback of the children and facilitators when asked what they liked most about the session: 

“I got very excited about the blooming flower activity and taught my dad to make flowers too. I learnt patience and concentration when making the colour wheel.” — (Sara, 9 years, Ukraine)

“How many activities have been developed out of a single topic (the flower), helping the child to develop the capacity of seeing from different perspective and focusing on details! The skills picked up by the child are attention and observation.” — (Annalisa, parent, Ukraine)

“What I liked most in the sessions were the beautiful projects. The children also learnt the attitude of not being scared to fail.” — (Nina, Facilitator, Slovenia)

“I liked being in concentration and for me the reinforced skills developed were classroom management in a multilingual context with non-native speakers.” — (Diana, Facilitator, Slovenia)