Understanding Illness

Start Date:31-Mar-2021

End Date:03-Apr-2021



The Universe is constantly giving us signals and illness is one to help us on our journey. When suffering is intense, we can no longer ignore it. We have to look at ourselves with the light of our consciousness to see what can be put right. We are responsible for our own sanity. It is our responsibility to live in peace, joy and inner contentment, irrespective of our given life-situations. The Divine Mother wants us to lead a lighter life, but this life will continue to give us knocks until we realise that we are here to live up to our highest potential.

For Dr. Monica Gulati, illness came in the form of cancer over 5 years ago. The first session was quite autobiographical and rich in personal experience. She recounted the prelude to her illness.

After studying her PhD at the University of Zurich, she got married and felt suffocated by the roles that she was expected to play in life. Like many people, she was wrapped around in layers of ignorance, which were masking her inner movements and her true identity. As soon as the cancer was diagnosed, she plunged into an intensive introspection and inner work. With the aid of a therapist, she became aware of so much anger inside, which had previously gone unnoticed, but acknowledging it at this point made her lighter. The realisation too, that she was not her body made her so much more free. Something could happen to her body, but not to her!

Only when our mind, emotions and body, she says, free themselves of their chains can we find our true identity and live truly in the fullest well-being. This was her experience as she ran through the course of the illness and the customary recovery process. She underwent 2 painful surgeries but experienced exhilaration in hospital as she was able to detach from the body and connect to her spirit within. The sense of doer-ship waned into insignificance when she was in hospital with the knowledge that her two baby children were being perfectly taken care of in spite of her absence.

The words of the Mother came into her life and provided the validation and context for all her life- experiences.  Gradually she drew greater depth from her PhD studies where she realised that 90% of human disease is mental and emotional.  Her cancer came with four gifts: 1) previously her consciousness was scattered and divided into mental and emotional conflicts, now suddenly in a deep sense of calm, none of this mattered; 2) life is precious: we don’t have live to fulfil our ego: a better life is possible; 3) the knowledge that we opt for our burdens. We have the choice between falsehood and truth. We don’t have to say ‘yes’ to our dramas and our stories, we can adhere to the Truth; 4) a profound gratitude to life and Grace.

The deepening of our life comes so often from illness. Initially, we don’t care to go inside so the disease is now telling us that truly we need nothing from outside. There are no pauses in life as we constantly scramble to make ends meet. But the ends never meet. Emotional and mental patterns cling to us like poisonous snakes and when we closely look at them, we see that they only take away our peace. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should stand between us and our peace.

Disease is a call to find our true self. It helps us see the burdens that we carry; everything that retards our progress and is unneeded in our journey should be dropped off. Our biggest immunity is peace but we keep on trading it for temporary things that we feel are more important.  We give it up for cheap returns so we have to question where the temporary gains are more important than this peace. Peace has to be embedded in the being: in the mind, emotions, body and all its cells. One can always live in peace but one has to choose it over everything else. Health does not give me peace but peace is surely the foundation for all health. Even if the body is diseased, one can still be at peace. The key, Dr. Monica said, is to be conscious of our inner movements. Then life becomes a beautiful discovery. Initially the vast open spaces may seem threatening but you need to go on and eventually you will fall in love with your accomplished freedom.  Follow the ever-present witnessing as the guiding light and we will see many things that we carry do not need to be carried.

The psychic being is central in what we truly know is right for us. It is the power of right understanding. Through it, we know what is beneficial for ourselves and others. A major part in us reacts repetitively to the old ways, but a sure but faint voice inside us tells us that it is not the right way. When we start to listen to this voice the old patterns and tendencies will lose grip as the rightful king starts to take over our being. It may be uncomfortable at first, but we keep at it. It is our only way to true well-being.

We have to turn our gaze inside to that space of witnessing, that immoveable aspect inside which doesn’t change with the ups and downs of our life. You don’t follow the dictates of your emotions and negativities but watch from the presence that sees, like the blue sky observes the dark clouds that pass it by. As long as we see ourselves as the dark cloud of disease, anger or doubt, we are afraid. But the blue sky, the witnessing presence never goes away. Aligning to that moves us in the right direction.

Dr. Monica expanded upon the eleven points given by the Mother in our growing alignment to the psychic presence in our journey towards the right life. These points can be found in the Mother’s Collected Work, Volume 12 (Psychic &  Spiritual Education).

There is always going to be initial confusion in recognising this inner, psychic voice. We have to access the highest part of ourselves and be prepared to make mistakes. Sometimes we might need to take a leap. After trying and falling, one will come to know this voice. It has less rush and agitation than the vital; the psychic is calm because it has eternity.

Each moment of our life we have a choice. Who are we feeding? Is it the beggar, Dr. Monica asked, who sits on the treasure and asks for more? Or shall I choose the light of understanding, the fire in me, for progress in alignment with the truth that is in us and others? We are the beggar because we are always asking: firstly for worldly things and then for the Divine. The asking has to stop because we are complete within ourselves. The purpose of spirituality is to get in touch with the Truth by showing and discarding everything that is false in our life.

The key to well-being is to get close to all the movements of our life and find their truth.  It is not a comfortable ride. Sometimes it hurts and pains us. Every pattern and opinion that seems to be ‘me’ has to be excised.  The ego, that sense of separate self, it may be my story bit it is not ‘me’. It is not a life lived for your true self. It cramps and suffocates and eventually makes us ill. Realising this is critical to truly emerging from illness.

We cannot barter our Peace and remain intact. Every time we barter our peace we give ourselves to restlessness, irritation, anxiety, etc.These are signals that we are relinquishing our peace. Truth, calm, surrender and Peace are not passive states. Only then can we handle a fight… The Truth has to be on our side. The ego will tell us that we are a victim or we are important. When we stop this categorisation we stand between and we become freer, a true nobody.

We have to clear away our garbage and allow some space to enter. We have to enjoy this emptiness and salience so that the voice of Truth can be heard.  Only then can we offer ourselves in some way to the world so that this constant preoccupation with our health becomes unnecessary. When very day is rich, why worry about how many more days one has to live? Instead we live in the eternal moment.

There is always doubt and confusion in spite of the inner guidance, Dr. Monica affirmed. Life is an adventure and we make mistakes. We are moving through uncharted territory so let the fears stay and go on in the seemingly right way. If doubt arises, we offer to the Mother or offer to the Universe. Courage is essential.

In preventing illness, Dr. Monica said, we must not follow our mental rigidities and emotional patterns. We must show them the light. In following the true, we are doing what is beneficial for us and others and so prevent illness.

If we give ourselves to the Truth, the Truth takes care of us… this is the secret to unlocking the enigma of illness. Live truly.


“I am grateful to Monica for being so candid, open and generous in sharing her personal journey with her illness. Her simplicity and enthusiasm are contagious and inspiring. Thank you!”

“All four days' discourses by Ms. Monica were effective and useful.”

“Passion of the speaker to tackle a challenging topic. Very grateful to Monica for sharing!”

“The lucidity and honesty with which Monica spoke, matter of fact. Her messages went straight to the heart!”

“To let go of the expectations and not to lose the peace of being at any situations because the peace is more valuable than explaining or reacting to someone.”

“Outstanding techniques to remain self with with peace & healthy despite miseries/illness. Very effective for senior citizens.”

“Extremely practical. Excellent use of examples . Very informative. A very clear and precise speaker. A great flow of thoughts. She spoke from the heart. Loved the Kabir ji's dohas. Thank you.”

“The breadth of this workshop went far beyond understanding illness and I truly appreciate that Monica provided a basis/laid the ground for a simple yet effective life in The Mother's Light. As she said, the 11 points by The Mother on psychic education are in themselves a journey for one lifetime.”

“The sessions have been straightforward, simple, honest with necessary bold frankness. Really pointing a torch on the work needing to be done within oneself and taking responsibility for oneself without playing the victim. Loved how Mother's words/quotes were used , but in even more plain speaking to make it accessible and practical to people who may not even have a spiritual inclination. Thank you very much Monica and James for setting this up.”