Motivation Program for Vulnerable & Marginalised

Start Date:30-Jan-2021

End Date:30-Jan-2021

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai


A get-together of the vulnerable people in the village was organized at Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai Village on 30th January 2021. Usually Sarvam organizes various programmes for the vulnerable people every year and this helps the vulnerable people to get an opportunity to mingle with many people and forget all their worries. Games, Fun Activities and various other aspects are conducted in periodic intervals to the vulnerable in the village which gives them hope in their life and they get a meaning to their life.

In villages there are many widows, aged people, and people who do not have anyone to take care of them. SARVAM always embrace people like this by conducting various motivations and useful programmes so as to help them learn new things. It also provides them an opportunity to showcase their talents.

This year due to the lockdown, SARVAM was unable to organize programmes for more than 10 months but these people were provided with Ration Kits during the Lockdown which was useful to them to lead their life happily even during the pandemic.

On January 30th, all the vulnerable people gathered in Satyam campus and a motivation class was conducted to all of them. This helped them to gain confidence to lead their life after the problems which they have faced after the pandemic.

By following all the COVID-19 safety protocols laid down by the Government this training was conducted in various batches. Around 250 vulnerable people attended this programme and the session was conducted in small batches to all of them. Each batch consisted of 50 to 60 members and by following social distancing and wearing face masks all the vulnerable got trained on leading their life in a successful manner.

This programme was a great relief to all of them because after around 10 months, all the vulnerable people were able to come together and attend a training on motivation. They requested SARVAM to organize more such programmes for them in the near future.