Dialogue with Adolescent boys

Start Date:20-Jan-2021

End Date:20-Jan-2021



Adolescent boys need a lot of counselling and training in the present-day context to lead their life positively and constructively. Due to ignorance and lack of awareness, most of the boys lead a pathetic life. They tend to cultivate negative habits which might destruct their generations also. 

Considering these facts in mind, Shanthi Ashram conducted an online training for adolescent boys from various parts of the state and around 55 boys from SARVAM participated in this virtual training. This program focused on understanding the Science that influences Adolescence behavior.

The training addressed the problems that are faced by boys in today’s world. The consequences of wrong habits were also discussed during this dialogue with the boys. 

It was clearly understood that improper guidance is the main reason behind the behavioural changes in the boys. 

The trainer mentioned that most of the boys are guided wrongly and due to the ignorance on their side, boys yield easily to problems and waste their life. The trainer stated that adolescent boys should know to discriminate what is good and what is bad for them. This will help them to choose the right thing and lead a successful life. 

The trainer also gave tips to the boys on overcoming mental stress which most of them face at their age. He asked the boys to have a relaxed and focused mind which will help them to attain their goals. Then the trainer spoke on the importance of having balanced emotions. Most of the boys lose their emotions and end up in the wrong activities at this adolescent age. The trainer gave many tips on how to handle emotions in a balanced state and motivated the boys to have a successful life by following the tips.

This virtual training was much useful for the boys as they learned an important aspect of their life. The training provided them with great motivation, and it was eye-opening to all of them.

All the boys requested that they have regular sessions like this which would be beneficial for them as well as their families.